This list is being developed as YOU ask questions. If you don't find your answer here, please contact Jim Brown at 831.475.9600 ext. 16 or for Support, Create, and Develop Grant questions. For SPECTRA Grant questions contact Sarah Brothers at 831.475.9600 ext. 18 or As common questions come in, we will update this list. Check back when new questions arise to see if answers have been added.

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General Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my application once I've edited and saved it?
When you login to the grant system, it opens on your Dashboard. The Dashboard has two tabs: My Applications and Apply Here. The Apply Here tab is only used the first time you edit your application. Once you have edited and saved your application, you will then be abel to access it from the My Applications tab. Click on My Applications and you will see a list of all the applications you have stored in the system. To edit an application in progress, click the first icon to the right of the grant you wish to access. If you put your cursor over that icon, the hoverhelp "link to formset" appears. This will open your application, and allow you to edit it.

I forgot my password, and the password reset link doesn't seem to be working?
For some reason, e-mails sent from the grant system often end up in the spam folder. When you expect an e-mail from the grant system, like when you reset your password, please check your spam folders. E-mails from the system can take some time for delviery, so give the system 15 to 30 minutes. If you still have trouble reseting your pasword. Contact Sarah or Jim.
Support, Create, & Develop Grant Frequently Asked Questions

What are the grant guidelines and where can I find them?
The grant guidelines are essential reading for all grant applicants. They inform you about what types of projects the Grants Progam funds, what activities we don't fund, what  information you can and cannot include in your application, and much much more. The guildelines are also the primary source of information for the Grants Panel, the people who will be reviewing and scoring your application. Please read the guidelines cover to cover before beginning your application. A link to the guidelines is at the top of this page.

What do you mean that applications are accepted year-round? How does that work?
For Support Grants (formerly General Operating Support Grants) nothing has changed in this regard. Applicaitons will be due in September and funds will be awarded in January for all Suppot Grant applicants. However for Develop Grants (formerly Professional Development Grants) and Create Grants (formerly Project Support Grants) applications can now be submitted at anytime during the year. While you can submit at any time during the year, funds will be awarded on a quartelry basis, in January, April, July, and October. There will be a deadline by which you must submit your appliation in order to receive funding in any particular quarter. For example, if you would like to receive funding in January 2014, you must have your appliation submitted by September 26th, 2013. If you submit your application on September 27th, 2013, you will be considered for funding in April of 2014.

Can I include in-kind contributions in my budget?
Because Create Grants can only cover 50% of a project's budget, and Support Grants can only cover 30% of an organization's budget, many applicats are wondering if they can include in-kind contributions in their budgets. Here are the guidelines. Budgets may include the in-kind gifts. The gifts must be of physical items or services that are necessary for the production of the project or the work of the organization. Volunteer time may not be included. In-kind contributions must be included on both the income and the expense side of the budget, and the budget narrative must include an explanation of how the in-kind contriubtion was valued.

For Create and Develop Grant budgets, do you want just the grant budget or the full project budget?
We are interested in seeing the full project budget. This gives the panelists a chance to see if you've really thought through the expenses and income required to execute your project. If you just give the budget for how the grant dollars will be spent, we won't get the whole picture.

SPECTRA Grant Frequently Asked Questions

What are the grant guidelines and where can I find them?
SPECTRA grants assist Santa Cruz County K-12 public schools augment their in-school arts education curriculum by bringing SPECTRA Teaching Artists into classrooms for visual, performing, or literary arts  workshops, residencies, and performances. Please read the guidelines cover to cover before beginning your application. A link to the guidelines is at the top of this page.

When are SPECTRA applications open and what is the annual funding cycle? 
SPECTRA applicaitons open each year on May 1, and are due each year on a specific date in September, and funds are awarded in mid to late September for all SPECTRA Grant applicants. 

Can a school apply for more than one matching grant?
Yes, as long as the total requested amount per school does not exceed $2,000.